Guernsey Town Centre Partnership - The Trustees

Jack Honeybill

Jack has been in post since 2003 having retired in 2002 as a senior Relationship Manager with Natwest after 40 years service for the Bank. He subsequently was elected to the States of Guernsey where he served two terms on the Board of Treasury and Resource being the Deputy Minister in his second term.

He also served on the Boards of Culture and Leisure and Environment Department. During his time in the States he continued to undertake building the reputation of the Town Centre Partnership and has been responsible for providing over 90 granite benches around the Harbour, Wooden benches along the Crown Pier, Festoon Lighting along the seafront and in market street and seasonal musical performances in Candie Gardens on Sundays and Market Square on Saturdays which have now grown in popularity.

He is also responsible for the Town Carnival which takes place in July and in 2015 was extended to two weeks with funding raised through TCP and there was also a Black Tie dinner attended in this year. He has built a reputation with the Normandie market Traders who visit Guernsey twice a year and is involved in encouraging buskers in consultation with the Arts Commission of Guernsey. He is also responsible for raising through sponsorship, the running costs of all events including the administration of the Town Centre Partnership.

David Cherry

I was born in St Peter Port and have a very strong affinity with our major town. My family have lived here for hundreds of years which, I guess, is why I love the place so much. I strive to make our Town a better place to live and work as for me it really is the Jewel in the Crown of Guernsey.

As President of the Young Business Group in the 90's I helped organise community projects such as the Christmas lights and then as President of the Chamber of Commerce I was instrumental in bringing the Town Traders into the fold so that they could have more say in how their Town was being run.

After working on the mainland for a while I decided that it was time to come home and in 1993 I started up my own business Cherry Godfrey Finance with my wife Selena Cherry nee Godfrey .The Company still has a strong presence in St Peter Port employing over 40 people within the group.

It was from this background that I jumped at the chance of Chairing the Town Centre Partnership. It has grown to become a very strong apolitical organisation with a reputation of getting things done. We hold the middle ground, and as honest broker's, we have the trust of our Political masters and our senior Civil Servants to find solutions where perhaps others have failed.

The Trustees I lead are an incredible bunch of very talented people and we are always calling on their talent and expertise to enhance our wonderful town.

John Laurence Silvester

I came to Guernsey, with my parents, as a three-month old baby shortly after the Occupation in 1946. My father had been serving in the Royal Navy whilst my mother had been evacuated to London. I was educated at Beechwood and Elizabeth College. We lived in St Peter Port and my father was an active member of the local business community.

After leaving school, I joined the Army and enjoyed a career spanning more than 30 years retiring in 1998 as a colonel. My army service provided many opportunities to live and work around the world. Service life is varied and as well as the obvious active service commitments, I have also fulfilled other support roles. I have carried out a number of staff appointments that have involved managing the vast overseas property assets of the UK Government. I have also worked in diplomatic service in the USA and Central America.

Immediately after leaving the Army, I took up an appointment with the States of Guernsey as Chief Property Manager. In this role, I was involved in the refurbishment of the Markets, the redevelopment of the Royal Court, St James, St Barnabus and the Fire Station as well as many other Island projects. I retired from this roll in 2011 and have since taken up a number of voluntary charity appointments and projects. I am the local chairman of the Soldiers, Sailors and Air Force Families Association, a charity that helps service personnel, ex-service personnel and their families. I am a director of the Town Centre Partnership. I am also chairman of the Allied Aircrew Memorial Committee - a recent local success story. I am currently forming a Foundation that will undertake responsibility for the urgent repair and preservation of the Little Chapel.

Whilst my career experiences and the time spent living in other countries has provided me with a broader perspective of the world, I feel that they have also made me appreciate and value the uniqueness of St Peter Port. I would like to maximise the potential that is here whilst preserving and protecting the heritage and architecture that makes Town and its environs so special.

Andrew Pouteaux

Born 1948 Alderney. Moved to Guernsey, schools, Vauvert, Amherst and Elizabeth College.
Hitched the Middle East before BA Hons in Business Law at Lanchester, Coventry.

After law finals and articles, assistant and then partner at Norton Rose Botterill & Roche.
Split away to form Watson Farley Williams with other partners.
Speciality in oil and gas developments, initially North Sea with rig owners, subsea developments, pipe-laying, etc. Moved to worldwide oil and gas in various oil territories.
Advised oil traders, oil tanker owners and other oil related activities.
Chaired leveraged US property business out of Cayman Islands and Delaware.
Director of UK subsidiaries of Scandinavian shipping companies.

Athletics and long distance running.
Choral singing around South East England.
History and general reading.
Now reduced to walking the lanes and enjoying this lovely island.

Returned to Guernsey 2008 with wish for community involvement.
Town Carnival with Jack Honeybill.
Rocquaine Regatta managing committee.
Formed and coordinator of Art of Living Community Volunteers working around the parishes to support the parishes, douzaines and floral groups with our own volunteers and with offering companies and other organisations the possibility to join in this work.
Working with Floral Guernsey by providing volunteers to support their objectives.

Andrew Merrett

Andy Merrett is a Director of Lovell Ozanne & Partners Ltd one of the largest Architects and Surveying practices in the Channel Islands. Andy moved to the sunny isle of Guernsey in 1998 but his first taste of Guernsey was way back in 1967 as a holiday maker. Andy has worked on many commercial and residential schemes both here in Guernsey and Jersey, his creative approach to strategic and sustainable design proposals has enabled him to develop innovative schemes throughout the Channel Islands.

Andy joined the TCP in 2010 and has been able to bring his skills set to benefit the TCP including his recent work of obtaining planning permission for the Petanque courts at North beach turning a unused public area into a thriving community asset particularly in the summer.

Sonia Taylor

Bio coming soon...

Simon de la Rue

Simon is a Guernseyman through and through but having spent the best part of ten years off the island in various industries, brings a range of experiences. Since being back on the island Simon has worked in a range of retail and media businesses now positioned with Castle Crest Limited. Simon joined the TCP in mid-2016 with a view to contributing to the development of Guernsey for the enjoyment of visitors and locals alike.